April 10 (Bloomberg) -- Mimi Weddell wasted no time jump- starting her acting career after her husband died almost three decades ago. Then 65, she stopped for an audition on the way to his funeral and won a part in the low-budget horror film ``Dracula's Last Rites.''

``There was no time to brood or think, `How am I going to pay the bills,''' Weddell, now 93, said in an interview. ``People think that's rather odd. It isn't. I try to get the ball rolling.''

Weddell, who had acted occasionally before that audition, has kept it rolling. Her career as an actress and model is chronicled in ``Hats Off,'' a documentary that opened last month in New York and starts May 2 in Los Angeles.

Weddell's resume includes small parts in ``Hitch'' and ``The Purple Rose of Cairo'' and an appearance on TV's ``Sex and the City.'' She's also done commercials and print ads for companies such as Louis Vuitton. Her secret for longevity: Stay active.

``You never stop moving,'' she said. ``We'll hope that the brain doesn't stop moving, too. What is life except that wonderful movement.''


HATS OFF -- the acclaimed documentary by Canobie Films, starring Mimi Weddell. All materials © 2008