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From Lena Nordstroem, Vastera, Sweden

My Mimi is a wonderful woman called Ingrid. We recently celebrated her 95th birthday with a great lunch together. The thing that strikes me with her is that even if she is 95 she will always be young in heart, mind, and spirit! That's why I love her so much!

From Pam Morris, Sausalito, CA

Though my mom looks frail and physically she is.....she has a spiritual strength that is Olympian. Tho her hands are crippled she folds a small ( from a 1.5 inch piece of paper) origami crane every day as a graceful way of keeping her belief in the impossible alive. She also watched Michael Jordon and Magic Johnson to keep her inner jumper alive.

From Ingrid Robinson, San Anselmo, CA

I saw your movie at the Rafael Friday night and during the Q&A, I told you about my friend Jackie Goldberg, "The Pink Lady," who lives in L.A.

Interestingly enough, Jackie also saw your film when it was showing in L.A. Jackie and Mimi's lives are uncannily similar. Jackie started her acting career at age 74 after her husband died. She was in the fashion business for over 40 years and is known for wearing only pink (including her underwear). She's always been known and loved as the "Pink Lady". Jackie is now 76 years old, has acted in several t.v. commercials, some t.v.shows, and several plays. She's become quite a "senior celibrity" in L.A. and conducts inspirational, motivating workshops for seniors called "Get Up, Get Out, Get a Life." She also writes articles for several magazines and newspapers giving a seniors perspective, and has been hired by Kaiser Permanante Hospital, many senior citizen housing communities, and Northbridge University to conduct her workshops. Her energy level is extraordinary and very infectious.

Everyone loves Jackie. The biggest difference between Jackie and Mimi is that Jackie has had several facelifts (don't tell her I told you), and simply does not look her age. She does go out on every casting call and photo shoot she gets, and like Mimi, has no desire to be a star...she just wants to work (which she does). I think if there was a way to connect Mimi and Jackie, it would be incredible. I'm certain Oprah would pick up on the story of inspirational seniors. If anyone can contact Oprah, I can assure you, Jackie can.

She also has tons of publicity about herself, but I think you'll find her pictures very interesting. I hope you will contact her as she is brillant at marketing and totally loved your movie. She really could be Mimi's "younger" sister.

Thank you for making such a wonderful film. EVERYONE in the theater just loved it! It was brillant and so very, very timely!


From Joe Brancato

I have just seen your film....

I am moved and sobbing though smiling and inspired!
Thank you so much for this wonderful film. I wish you every bit of success with it.

Yes, my hope is to do a benefit screening for Penguin Rep a little theatre I built on a dream 30 years ago, now influencing film and stages across the country (FINDING NEVERLAND began as a play we commissioned and Kevin Spacey's production of COBB which he produced in NY and LA) All these years of believing in the power of theatre, therefore Mimi's love of theatre, words and life hits a chord.

I am certain Richard and I shall discuss a screening or two but I did want to offer you my personal congratulations, hoping to have a cup of joe when you are in NY and let you know if in any way I can be supportive of events and opportunities for you to share your film with others... I would be honored to help in any way I can.

Thank you thank you for introducing me to Mimi and an unforgettable 90 minutes.

Brittany, LA

My mother is my Mimi and I love her to pieces. She is a strong, beautiful 63 year old breast cancer survivor with a wild side and a heart of gold. I hope she lives as long as Mimi and with all that spunk!

From Bernette Rudolph, Brooklyn, New York

I relate to Mimi's lust for life. I am also an aquarius and never stop.I am an artist and will die in my art studio near my bandsaw.I am younger then Mimi, I am only 79. I will have my 80th birthday in the Chelsea gallery that represents me, I will be surrounded by my family, friends and work.

From Katherine Brecka, New York

My acting teacher, Wynn Handman, who will be 86 this May, is fabulous and world-renowned and STILL teaches two acting classes that meet six times a month (that's twelve classes!).

He still directs all the pieces of the Literature to Life series that go to various schools in the area. He can tell stories from fifty years of theatre here in New York when he was the Artistic Director of the American Place Theatre, and he can quote Shakespeare and sing songs better than some of his students. He is amazing and is just involved in his life (as opposed to being "older"). He is a wonderful inspiration.

Also my Dad - Joseph Brecka - will be 81 this April, 2008. He was a pilot in the Navy and flew jets off air carriers, helicopters and (way back) blimps. He has a Purple Heart and a Silver Star. He is my hero and is very active. He goes dancing several times a week as well as bowling on Thursdays, and he is looking into yoga. He is always on the go and socializing and doesn't think about "being old" - just about being alive. He is terrific and I love him very much.

Robbie, Birmingham, AL

My Mimi is named Barbara Jean. She passed two years ago ... she was ready to go after losing two dogs then going through Katrina. I hear people often who remind me of her and her spirit. She could get away with saying anything. I always know what she'd tell me to do even though she's gone. She always thought I could do more, expected more from me, saw something in me that I didn't see... she was my champion and I love her. She'd have lived longer but just had been through enough.


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